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Co-Location Product
The CoLocators and their partner vendors provide optimum level security protected hosting facilities, managed internet bandwidth (if required) and managed firewall services (if required).  The customer can continue to monitor and maintain the computer systems, or have them managed by one of the CoLocators' partners.

Key Benefits

Allows the customer to focus on their business without tying up valuable development and technical resources maintaining an IT data centre.
Improves service levels and provides high system availability to external customers and internal staff.
Reduces operating costs.
Removes the possibility of service failure from disaster threats to customer's equipment due to power loss, physical damage and theft, thereby protecting the customer’s ability to generate revenue.
Provides safety to systems and data from hacker intrusion through state of the art firewall protection equipment and qualified security specialists to manage it.
Leverages best practice and technical expertise from companies dedicated to delivering 100% service availability.


Equipment Ownership
Established business
es with capital tied up in computer hardware and software can maintain their investment without sacrificing the security and cost savings provided by co-location.  The CoLocators will build a co-location plan to suit your business and budget requirements.

Partially Managed Co-Location
For those who must maintain specialty systems but can not afford to sacrifice security and cost savings, the CoLocators can provide a partially managed co-location solution.  Management can include or exclude any component of the hardware, operating system, application or communications technology.  The CoLocators will find the solution that marries the optimal solution with the best in security and cost savings.

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