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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning
The CoLocators and
its partner vendors provide a complete disaster recovery plan.  The CoLocators' professional services staff begins with a complete analysis of the risks to the business and the level of disaster recovery that is required.  The CoLocators will propose a disaster recovery implementation plan that balances costs with the need of the business to survive a natural, accidental or human derived disaster.   

Key Benefits

Assures the continuance of your business processes in the event of a natural, accidental or human generated disaster.
Concentrates on core business activities to maintain product or service delivery, billing and cash flow.
No surprises from threats as simple as extended power outages through to full disasters.
Provides a documented action plan that company staff can follow no matter how serious the disaster situation.  
Provides an opportunity to re-evaluate business processes.
Leverages best practice and technical expertise from companies dedicated to disaster recovery planning.


Cold vs. Hot Standby
Depending on how quickly your company must rebound from a disaster that could potentially suspend your business processing activities for an undetermined amount of time, The CoLocators will design a disaster recovery plan that assures the survival of your business in the event of a disaster.  Hardened co-location facilities, cold or hot shared or fully owned standby processing systems, communications links for people and equipment, employee alternate work areas and disaster recovery procedures are some of the factors that The CoLocators consider in any plan.  The CoLocators will keep  your technology, IT requirements and your business running even in the event of a disaster.


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